Let us worry about booking your party A, B & C transportation, hotel, meals, settlements, mileage points and everything else. We will work with you to make a custom-tailored tour and handle all of the headache involved. sites, attractions, and local treasures.


TFT supervises and coordinates all aspects of an event from conception to execution. This can include developing concepts and ideas for the event, permits, fire marshals, overseeing operations, directing staff and coordinating technical and production aspects.



Need a producer to get your talent together? The great thing about TFT as that we have worked with a multitude of clients on all levels of production. It’s great to have a familiar face on set or at your festival.


Some of our favorite problems to solve.

• PASSPORTS/VISA ENTRIES: If you have a holiday party set and need transportation for your employees, we can work with our partners and set up shuttles. On top of that we can do your office parties, all of it. We have some ideas and unique venues to make an unforgettable office party. • TEAM BUILDING – From grips, to lightening to Production Manager, we can assist you in creating your desired team! • BAND – Need to put a band together? We have contacts to some of the greatest musicians in the world! • The Last Minute Bookings: The Headliner at the Croatian Film festival canceled last minute and you need to get there….in the next week. TFT can make this easier for you.

Founder, Creator
— Tina Farris Tours.

Following her own philosophy, Tina makes it a point to enjoy everything that life throws her way. An avid linguist who is fluent in three languages, she continues to cultivate her love of traveling and exploring, both abroad and at home.